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Hired A Personal Trainer But Not Getting Results? Now what?

Okay, you have finally hit rock bottom trying to lose weight. You have tried every fad diet, the latest fitness equipment, some plastic surgery and have every quick weight loss DVD from Tae-bo, Dennis Austin and Chair-A-Cise. Unfortunately, none of these seem to work. Correction, none of these seem to work for you. They work just fine for the people in the infomercials and magazines. You are fed up, no more messing around and its time to get someone to crack the whip and provide motivation and encouragement. It’s personal trainer time. You are going to call the expert now and the weight is going to magically fall off. You are going to reach all your fitness goals—- in one month, right?  This is your knight in shining armor, your savior.

Now three months have passed and you have dropped maybe a couple of pounds but not really a noticeable difference. The money you are sacrificing for the trainer is adding up. So, what’s happening? You are paying the trainer your hard earned money and not nearly seeing the results you anticipated.

Well, it’s probably one of two things or maybe both. Although you have the trainer for usually 2-3 times a week what are you doing the other 4-5 days. Have you been fully committed to exercising when you are not with the trainer? There are 167  hours in the week did you really think that 2-3 hours with a personal trainer alone was going to get it done. I am sure you and your trainer discussed what you were to do on the days you were not her so it’s your responsibility to follow it.

Secondly, have you made major adjustments in your eating habits. If you have not it doesn’t matter if you have a trainer you probably will not see much success. If you have a good trainer you may be able to maintain your weight and not gain if not eating properly but that’s not what you have a trainer for.

If you are not 90-100% committed to changing your eating habits and exercising al least 4-5 times a week it doesn’t matter if you have the best fat burning DVD, fitness equipment or the greatest personal trainer you will continue to spin your wheels. However, with a personal trainer you will just be paying more to do it.

Daryl  Madison,,, 404-272-3996,

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