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Exercise– Stop The BS & Just Get It Done

As a personal trainer for over 13 years I have heard every “excuse” why people didn’t complete their daily weight loss exercise program. Some were valid (my kids were sick, I worked late, I had to go to a funeral) and some were straight BS (I didn’t feel like it, I wanted some extra sleep). At the end of the day whether the reason was legit or not they didn’t get it done, therefore, their weight loss will take longer. There is not a weight loss “god” who says I like her excuse so I won’t allow her to gain weight or I will magically remove 5 pounds because she is such a good person.

lady crying

Life throws everybody a curve ball. Believe me, I have had my share just as you have. Your weight gain or weight loss doesn’t care if you got a promotion and decide to celebrate by having drinks and compromising your eating and exercise plan. Nor does it matter if you are depressed or lost a love one. There are many people who have concerns much worse than yours or mine yet continue to get up early, go to bed late or do whatever it takes to complete their exercise regimen. I have heard stories of people actually crying through their workout because of life circumstances. Can you keep going “no matter what” to drag yourself to the gym or put in the fat burning DVD and get started?

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