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Do You Really Need A 2014 Weight Loss Resolution? No

Well, here we are again. It’s the first of the year. Time for the resolutions. Chances are you may have already fully committed to losing weight, improving your health and fitness, etc. or maybe you are still debating what you are going to do until Monday (who really wants to start an exercise and eating program on Wednesday or Thursday) or you have decided not to make it a resolution because you always break it but plan to eventually get to it later this year.

Whatever you decide, whichever route you take, your health is also waiting for you to make a decision. If you decide to start using the fat burning DVD you ordered last year around this time, hire a personal trainer,  begin the quick weight loss plan or join a gym today your health and fitness will begin improving today. If you decide to wait until Monday your health and fitness will begin improving on Monday or if you decide to wait for the ideal time your health will continue to get worse. January 1st is simply a mark in time, nothing more, nothing less. Ultimately you are the same person you were yesterday. Your quality of health, fitness and life will improve the moment you decide its important to do something about it regardless if its today, tomorrow, Monday, later this year or next year. Whenever you decide your health will follow, however it will not stay still, it’s either improving or getting worse.

Daryl Madison,,, 404-272-3996

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