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Congratulations, You Have Lost Weight – Now What? (part 2)

Now that you have lost weight it’s time to try a different approach to keep you motivated. Rather than continuing to focus on  the numbers on the scale try performance based goals. This will provide a renewed energy. Think of the many things you could not do before which you can do now. Remember the feeling of being able to run a little farther, lift a little heavier weights, walk up the extra flight of stairs or being able to finally complete your Chair-A-Cise quick weight loss DVD.

If you haven’t been strength training add resistance to your workouts, try a different cardio program or order a new fat burning DVD. Remember, your appearance is a consequence of fitness. By continuing to be motivated and work toward “new types” of performance goals your body will change and you will feel stronger. When you change your goals from visual to performance based exercising will become more exciting and offer a new energy. There are many challenging exercise programs or activities instead of the traditional treadmill or elliptical. If you have been walking try running, if you have been running try cycling, mountain climbing, karate, basketball, swimming, chair exercising, dancing etc. Always try to top your previous best. There is a whole new world  of exercise challenges waiting for you to explore.  Go find it.

Daryl Madison

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