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Chair-A-Cise (chair exercise DVD program) = An New Twist To An Old Idea

Chair exercise programs have been around  as long or longer than standing exercise programs. However, chair workouts have traditionally been slow paced and considered for older adults. Perhaps if you had an injury or concern with your knees, back, feet, etc., it was recommended by a doctor. With my creation of the Chair-A-Cise program I decided to give it (chair exercise programs) an energy shot in the arm. Make it more up-to-date and appealing.  After all we have seen huge strides in standing exercise programs which have gone from Denise Austin, to Billy Blanks with Tae- bo, to Insanity with Shawn T or P90X with Tony Horton.

chair fitness

But the perception and chair exercises have primarily remained the same. Well, until now. I have and will continue to add a new twist to an old and out dated exercise program. I made the first Chair-A-Cise DVD in 2007 and now 5 years later the series consists of 7 DVDs. Throughout the years I have challenged myself to incorporate new and modern cardio and strength training exercises. The movements which have traditionally been slow paced  are now faster and the music much more energetic. Like I mentioned earlier seniors were the primary focus but my program adapts to your fitness level, balance, strength and age. So whether you are a senior, middle or  younger aged, a kid, beginner or frequent exerciser it’s challenging but doable. Of course some of the DVDs are low intensity, moderate intensity and high intensity so wherever you are with your fitness there is a Chair-A-Cise DVD for you.

This blog was written not to sell a product but to educate and inform you of another exercise option you may not have considered before. For more information on Chair-A-Cise visit

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