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“Bad Knees” but want High Intensity Quick Weight Loss DVD program? Try Chair-A-Cise!

Chair Exercise Weight Loss DVD

“I have done both Chair-A-Cise and Insanity and have found that Chair-A-Cise gives the same full body and cardio conditioning but without the joint stress. I love being able to do everything in the workout without aggravating knee and shoulder problems. I am much stronger and am able to do much more pain-free than I have in years! Thanks Chair-A-Cise”.


“ I have been frustrated trying to find ways to exercise without putting weight on my knee and having to use it to exercise besides bike riding and swimming. After checking out the web I found chair exercises for seniors. While this is good and I am not a senior, I was looking for some type of exercise that would bring my heart rate up to assist in the weight loss process. I found your website and reviewed the You tube video.

“I researched all the chair exercises and yours seems to be the only one that addresses weight loss, cardio, aerobics, etc. for people who are not SENIORS.” – Barrie

“Wow, this is the best I have found. I was walking, but knees started to ache, so I was looking for something gentle but not like for seniors. I also tried every fad  equipment you see on TV, and they ended up not working for me, or hurting somewhere. I do not want to jog or get on the floor or do boxing, you know those videos. The senior chair exercises are too slow for me. I found yours to be just right. You make it so easy to follow, thank you for that. I am using 1 lb weights and that seems perfect. Every other time I use your DVD I use the weights so one time no weights and then the other time weights. I love the way I feel after using this chairacise, like you say I feel like I have been to gym. I am sure soon I will be using the 1lb weights every time. “-Susan

“I just did your dvd for the first time and loved it. I am a plus size woman with a bad knee and I was even able to do the squats. I was impressed with the entire workout. I LOVE this dvd and want a couple of more in the future. Great idea you did.” -G. Johnson

“I own this video and it actually does work. I messed up my ankles a couple of months ago right as I was starting to lose weight via another method (my dr. said do it or die). It was a real set-back and rather depressing. However, I found the C-A-C video and I’ve been getting a great workout. It wears me out just like my treadmill did, but I’m working all areas of my body. I don’t work for C-A-C nor do I know Daryl Madison, but here’s my honest opinion: C-A-C works. Just be faithful to it.” – D.

“Great exercise program!!! Best way for me to do exercises without being on my feet and I still sweat. Daryl is a great motivator, which is very important.” – S.B.

“Chair-a-cise is an great exercise program and Daryl is an great motivator. I am hooked and love the exercises. I have two bad knees and will be gettng my knee replacement in March. I will be in physical shape and have an speedy recovery because of the exercising I been doing using Chair-a-cise. I am eating healthy and losing the weight. I just looked on the website and I see new Chair-a-cise workouts. I will be ordering them next month.” – L.A.

“Long story short: I was 200lbs overweight. I’m in my late 40′s and my health started to fail. The doc said I could still turn things around if I started now otherwise I was headed for some really bad times, so I started working to lose weight and get healthy. Part way through my journey, I injured both my ankles and couldn’t continue. So, I looked for something I could do from a chair and found Chair-a-cise. I’m currently down 50lbs and am moving forward again. -D.C.

“Once I got past the cheesiness, though, I’ve found the workout to be challenging yet easy on my knees. The seller sent me a letter before I received the video telling me how to use the product with the results I could expect – a nice touch!” – L.W.

“I did have an great weekend. I did my exercises by using Chairacise Turbo and Chairacise 2. I will soon order Chairacise Super Series. I love doing my exercises on my chair using my Chairacise dvds with one bad knee and just had my knee replacement done on the other. Chairacise has help me along with eating right get back on track and start losing weight again. Thank you Daryl Madison for created this amazing exercise workouts while using an chair for an person like me can get my workouts in without being in such pain standing. I don’t have to stand up I can have an good workout while sitting down.”– Linda A

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Daryl Madison

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