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#1 Weight Loss Myth—— I Am Overweight Because Of My Genetics

Of course our makeup such as behaviors, mind and body come from our genetic history. No disputing it. It’s been scientifically proven and you can always do the common sense analysis (how many of us look and act like our parents, grandparents, etc.). However, when it comes to being overweight far to much credit is given to our genetic makeup.

You have way more control over your weight loss/gain than your past history. If they were overweight/obese/morbidly obese it has nothing to do with your mental ability to make the proper eating choices and your physical ability to exercise. Nobody in the past, present or future has more influence on your weight than you.  If you don’t exercise and eat properly chances are you will have the same genetic build as those who came before you and did not make health and fitness a high priority. Years ago they did not have access to fat burning DVDs, personal trainers and quick weight loss eating plans, etc.. Today you have easy and quick access to many tools to assist in reaching your weight goals.

You may gain weight quicker and easier because of your genetics but at the end of the day it’s your battle to conquer. Instead of blaming your present condition on people who may not even be alive strive to set an example for your kids, relatives, etc. to follow so they will have the reverse mindset and will know they come from a family history of health and fitness and say I am going to keep it going for the next generation.

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