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#1 Middle Aged Weight Loss Program

Okay, you have fought the good fight but middle age has finally caught you. When you started hearing “sir and maam” frequently, seeing more and more gray hairs, lying about your age and wishing the guy at the liquor store will ask to see your drivers license (instead of assuming you are legal) the battle is over. Although, your age in numbers will determine if you are middle aged physically you can do something about it. Middle age is definitely the time to focus on your health to prevent or slow many of the health issues which comes as we get older. Now is the time to start the weight loss program you have been putting off for years.

But where do you start? What is the most realistic, effective program you can do? Ten years ago you could do Tae-bo with Billy Blanks and Denise Austin routinely but today watching the infomercials of the leading quick weight loss programs such as Insanity and P90X remind you, you are not the spring chicken you once were. Just thinking about all the jumping up and down and side to side movements makes your knees ache. However, you need something more intense than walking the mall parking lot or joining the gyms pilates and yoga classes to get the weight off.

So, what do you do? You need a rapid weight loss fat burning program but one which will not place as much strain on your ligament, tendons and joints (knees, back, etc.) but will still burn major calories with medium to high intensity exercises. Well, you need Chair-A-Cise, a revolutionary chair exercise weight loss program which has taken an old idea (chair exercising) and added a new twist with up to date quick weight loss exercises which incorporate cardio, strength and ab training routines. Now you can get the same weight loss results as the leading standing fitness programs with an exercise program which is adaptable to where you are physically in life.

Whatever exercise program you choose it’s important to remember now is the time to get started and preserve your body so your middle age will transition into a healthy older age. (For more information visit

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