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#1 Anti Aging Secret = Exercise and Eating Right

Whether you are a man or woman once you hit the age of 40 your body begins aging faster than previous years. However, studies have shown without proper exercise and eating habits the body aging process is accelerated even more. Did we really need studies to tell us this? The evidence is  right in front of us. Just look around-no literally take a glance around you right now. Look to your left, to your right or straight ahead (hopefully you are not in front of a mirror). It’s not coincidence people who take care of their bodies, their bodies takes care of them.

Those who exercise regularly seem to have a little more pep in their step. They walk faster, move quicker and just have a youthful energy and aura surrounding them. Their skin is tighter  and more firm, not soft and flimsy. As we age we will all lose some muscle but those who exercise, particularly strength train muscles have shape, are toned and firm. However, those who don’t exercise the once youthful muscles are now becoming fat as the body changes form.

People who eat right usually have radiant, shiny, hydrated parched skin. The proper foods can enhance your complexion and prevent dry brittle hair and nails. Also, eating foods with to much salt and sugar may cause wrinkles and skin inflammation.

So to keep or regenerate that youthful look and appearance I suggest you reap the benefits of physical activity and nourish your body with clean healthy foods. (for more information on exercise and eating plans visit

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