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You Can Skip the Warm Up Before Exercising– Right?

Come on do you really have to warm up before starting your exercise program? The answer is not only yes but absolutely yes. This important part of  a weight loss program is often overlooked. Of course nobody wants to spend the extra 10 minutes warming up before beginning an exercise program you probably don’t want to do anyway so why prolong it. Let’s just skip it (warm up) and get straight into it. The warm up seems so time consuming, trivial and totally unnecessary.

The major benefit of the warm up is to prevent injury because it provides additional blood flow to the body to prepare it for exercise whether it’s strength training or cardio training. This lowers the chance of injury or a muscle pull. After a good warm up the body is peaked for a great weight loss workout. A good warm up doesn’t have to be long perhaps 5- 10 minutes is adequate depending on the exercise program. The more intense the exercises the more the body needs to be prepared.

If you have an injury, maybe a muscle pull, muscle strain, etc. and you did not warm up you will always wonder what if I had just taken 10 minutes and it could have prevented me from missing days or weeks of exercising. So even if you have to shorten parts of your actual exercise program or even add a few additional minutes to your start time it’s well worth it.

Written by: Daryl Madison, Certified Personal Trainer and creator of the  “Chair-A-Cise  Quick Weight Loss 10 Week Transformation  DVD Program (”.

Watch Youtube  Video: Can You Skip The Warm-up Before Exercising

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