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Why Losing Weight = Your Family And Friends Are Counting On You

Today there is no reason for not being healthy if you live in the United States. Of course there may be a few exceptions to the rule but 9 times out of 10 you basically have no excuse. I am a personal trainer and I have heard literally every excuse you can think of why people have allowed their health and fitness to deteriorate such as I am not motivated, I work to much, I have kids, I am stressed, I am going to die when its my time, eating healthy is expensive, I don’t know what to eat, etc.. I could punch holes in all these excuses but that’s for another blog but  I will  address it briefly.  If you really want to lose weight there are tons of exercise programs. You can hire a personal trainer, join a gym,  buy a weight loss DVD, go to the park, have a partner exercise with you etc., If you really want to eat healthy there is tons of information on the internet, free health fairs which provide information, people you know who have lost weight, pamphlets you can request from various organizations, etc..

Don’t allow yourself to make the same mistake many others have made. People have died prematurely or have a poor quality of health because they have not and are presently refusing to make better decisions. You don’t have to be sickly,overweight, lacking energy and vitality. You can have delicious healthy foods and be healthy and fit. You see your family and friends are counting on you. We are only here (on earth) for a short time. Allow them (family and friends) to spend as much quality time with you as possible. Don’t cheat your kid who is counting on your guidance and direction to mold them into a great adult by having a  deadly heart attack which could have been avoided. Don’t put the unnecessary burden on your spouse of taking care of you because of your disabilities due to a stroke which did not have to happen. Just something to think about. Well, live long and healthy. (For more information visit

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