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Weight Loss Exercising for People with Bad Feet

If you have bad feet  many popular weight loss cardio routines such as running, P90X, Turbo Fire, 6 Day Melt or Insanity may not be doable. However, you can choose from other options which are gentle or at least not as impactful but provides a great fat burning workout. For success you must research, experiment and compare to choose a program which is suitable for you.

Walking is the easiest and cheapest option, however you have your entire body-weight applying pressure on your feet and the heavier the person the more painful the experience may become. Also, with just walking weight loss is going to be a slow process. Although treadmills are the most popular cardio equipment at the gym and great for burning calories and boosting your heart rate, it requires impact between a hard surface and your feet. Swimming is a great cardio exercise because the water lifts the body and the swimming  movement actually places no impact on the feet.  However finding a swimming pool may not be feasible and changing in and out of clothes can be rather cumbersome.  One of the best exercise for feet issues is

Chair-A-Cise, a chair exercise weight loss DVD.  When you are in a seated position the pressure of your upper body is not involved thus reducing the stress on the lower joints, particularly the feet. Chairacise,, is designed specifically for fat burning, toning, strength training and to drop pounds.

Remember it’s most important to listen to your body or should I say your feet in determining which exercise program provides comfort while producing weight loss results.

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