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The Perfect Workout Plan (Part 2)

Yesterday we discussed following or adhering to the “perfect workout plan“. Today it’s how do we choose the perfect workout plan. First, determine what your most important goals are? If you want to lose weight rapidly choose a high intensity training program like Insanity, P90X or Chair-A-Cise. If you desire big sculpted muscles a bodybuilding routine is what you need. If you would like to run faster or farther try a running training program.

Once you have narrowed your fitness goals, now what? Well, it’s time to do research. Start watching youtube videos, read books and magazines and/or find someone who was in your present situation and pick their brains about how they were successful. Once you feel comfortable with what you have learned- just start. You don’t have to tramadol acetaminophen know Tramadol every single thing just enough to go for it. Select a plan and do it for 30-60 days. If you did your proper research any descent plan will produce results if you are consistent.

How do you measure results? Every 2 weeks take pictures, measurements, track progress, log compliments you receive, etc.. Look in the mirror and ask yourself am I looking better and feeling better. If so continue what you are doing, if not re-evaluate. Are you following the plan exactly or are you cheating? Do you need to make minor adjustments? Are you overtraining trying to do to much. If after 6-8 weeks you don’t see results try something else. Well, now you have the knowledge, go use it. (For more information on exercise plans visit

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