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The inability to start a fitness program is PREVENTING your weight loss.

Are you spending time,  perhaps hours, days or weeks analyzing, comparing, debating, guessing and calculating which eating and exercise program to choose? Are you waiting to get all the information before you decide which quick weight loss program is right for you?

Sometimes gathering all the information can be  good because it helps in making informed decisions. However, it also may be a bad thing particularly when it comes to selecting an exercise program. We can make hundreds of scenarios/excuses of why this or that exercise program won’t work and we use it to rationalize why we can’t/won’t start. Even though we have researched the rapid weight loss dvd or personal trainer thoroughly we want a little more information or we consider the many things which may go wrong.

Does any of the below sound familiar?

* I can’t stick to the eating plan= Maybe you can. How do you know if you haven’t tried?

*I can’t workout alone=How many people have you asked to train with you?

*I am not coordinated=Its about effort not how well you move.

*What if I fail again? = You won’t know until you fail. What if this is the time you succeed.

*I can’t keep up=Slow down and exercise at your own pace.

This list can go on and on and I could give you an answer to basically all your concerns/excuses. Instead of talking yourself out of eating properly and exercising try fully committing to the program. Often we convince ourselves it’s not worth it because we feel we are inadequate or that we may fail. Therefore we do not try or put forth maximum effort because its going to be challenging or we overanalyze to paralysis. So we do nothing, accomplish nothing and remain in the same state of again searching for the perfect exercise and eating plan. Its not the exercise plan which needs to be perfect its you who needs to stop considering every way things can go wrong as a reason not to start. We have it backwards. Instead we should change our approach to “what if it goes right”? For more fitness blogs and tips visit (Be sure to read part 2).

Daryl Madison,

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