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The Importance of Families Exercising Together

Exercising together as a family is a great way to strengthen family bonds, relationships, and create lasting memories while improving everyone’s health and fitness.  You can motivate and encourage one another while introducing exercise and showing kids the importance of physical activity which may create a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

The success of a family exercise program is the parents making frequent exercise a top priority for themselves as well as for the children. Try to set a time which is convenient for everyone and allows at least 30 minutes for fitness.  Additionally, for success it’s extremely important to choose an exercise program which is doable and beneficial for the entire family. Maybe a fitness program such as Chair-A-Cise, which is fun for kids yet challenging to middle aged and younger adults.

Also, variety is key. Perhaps some exercising may include indoor activities and other days outdoors. Maybe sometimes visiting a gym and other times at home or a park. It’s important to get input from everyone regarding the exercise program so they feel involved. (for more exercise information visit

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