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High Intensity Chair Exercise Program (less stress on back, knees)

You really want to lose weight and tone quickly but safely. Along with a great eating plan you need a high intensity cardio and strength exercise program which will burn fat and a large amount of calories. You have tried the high impact exercise DVDs and gym classes but quickly realized the constant jumping back and forth, bone jarring up and down jumps or quick side to side movements just were not working for you. At the end of the day your feet were hurting, knees cracking and lower back was sore. It sounded like a good idea originally– to go all out, but after a couple of days reality kicks in. Actually you enjoyed the euphoria of the high intensity exercises. It felt great, like you were really doing something- conquering the weight loss- but its just your body couldn’t take the stress.

So what’s your next option? Go back to the walking, treadmill, elliptical, etc. which is going to take you forever to lose weight. Consider a high intensity chair exercise program. Of course it sounds contradictory, like the words shouldn’t be in the same sentence-chair and high intensity. Okay, I get it,  you naturally thing senior citizen, handicapped, morbidly obese but for someone like you “no way” right. Wrong, actually dead wrong. Many of the high impact standing exercises and movements such as jumping jacks, sprints, mountain climbers, etc. , can be done in a chair also.

Daryl Madison creator of Chair-A-Cise (a total body weight loss chair exercise transformation DVD program) believes chair exercising is the next big thing in exercise. “It’s slowly catching on as many are realizing you can get the same benefits of massive weight loss as high intensity standing exercises with less stress on your ligament, tendons and joints while reducing the chances of injury. Basically what we have done with Chair-A-Cise is take an old exercise program and added a new modern day twist”.

Standing high impact exercising can be more damaging and pose a higher risk of injury. With chair exercising usually one or both feet remain in contact with the ground at all times and your body is supported during the movements by the chair. Seated movements does not have the extreme pounding or stress on the lower joints. With standing movements the entire weight of the upper body is supported by the lower body and when you do exercise movement such as jumping it places even more force and weight on the lower extremities.    (For more information and health tips visit

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