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Fitness DVD vs. Personal Trainer for Weight Loss

There are many different factors to consider in determining whether a fitness DVD or personal trainer is best for your weight loss. Each has great benefits. With a personal trainer you will get a personal “touch”. Someone who will motivate, encourage, push, praise and celebrate your successes. You can discuss what your daily obstacle’s are which may prohibit you from fulfilling your fitness goals and can develop strategies to overcome them. Also, with a trainer you can be sure you are exercising correctly and not increasing your risk of injury. The number one reason people hire a trainer is for accountability. When you know  someone is expecting you, you are less likely to skip a workout. However, personal training can be expensive. With one or two personal training sessions you could purchase one or several really good fitness DVDs. Most people who hires a trainer already have many unopened or rarely used DVD at home. A trainer may tend to overwork you as oppose to going at your comfortable pace with a DVD.

DVDs are not only very cost effective but can be used daily or 5-10 years later. Also, you can exercise whatever time is convenient for you without having to adjust your schedule for a trainer.  Additionally, you can choose to exercise  in the comfort of your home, job, hotel, park or and whatever location you like. However, with a DVD there is no-one to give you the extra push, attention or to ask you why you are skipping the routine today.

So which do you choose? I suggest trying the DVD first. The key is finding one which is fun and suitable to your abilities. Do your research by reading the descriptions and the testimonials. There are many different types of DVDs from Tae-bo, 6 Day Melt to Chair-A-Cise. If the DVD programs don’t work for you, you haven’t invested a significant amount of money or time and now you can begin researching personal trainers. For more information visit

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