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Exercising and Lower Back Pain

Want to exercise and lose weight but your lower back is holding you “back” (no pun intended). The lower back is the pillar of our bodies. It’s kind of like the middle man between your upper and lower extremedies consisting of  two bone plates which may be very easily disturbed causing stress, strain or injury. Additionally it’s usually weaker than  the rest of your body but asked to assists many other and bigger parts.

However, there are several important steps which will reduce the chance of injury while allowing you to reach your fitness goals.

1. Although cliche, it’s true, check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. They may recommend additional treatment such as a physical therapist, chiropractor or medicine which will prepare your back for the vigors of exercise.

2. Properly warm up and stretch before exercising. This will loosen ligaments, tendons and joints while providing a wider/longer range of motion. So be sure to take the 5-10 minutes which may save you a lot of money, time and pain.

3. Lastly, choose an exercise program, such as Chair-A-Cise, which will begin with low impact exercises and gradually increase you to high  intensity. Starting with a high impact program with sudden starts and stops, jumping and quick movements is highly likely to cause irritation since the  back is not accustomed to such strenuous activity. When it comes to the lower back patience and steady progression is an absolute. (For more information visit

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