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Class Reunion Quick Weight Loss Shred Workout

Emergency, the class reunion is one week away. It’s your last chance to get the weight off. You need a quick weight loss plan right now. No time for trial and error. It has to work. You need– have to look your best. You swore 6 months ago you would not wait to the last minute but now its the last minute and its time to get to work.

Here is the formula for your success:

1. Get a proven eating plan. This is not the time to watch what you eat and guess what may or may not work. Most eating  plans work if you stick 100% to them. They are designed by nutritionist, personal trainers, etc.. (i.e. people who have a lot more knowledge and experience than you and their eating plan has been tested and proven).  Get a fitness book, call a personal trainer or download the Chair-A-Cise Quick Weight Loss Plan (lose between 6-12 pounds in 6 days). It’s very important your eating plan does not starve you and provides enough food (fuel) for your exercise program. You can not be hungry and weak and have a good effective workout.

2. You must have a calorie burning exercise plan  which includes cardio and resistance/strength training. Yes, I said strength training which is very important for calorie burning for another 24-48 hours after you finish your workout as oppose to cardio which continuous to burn for another 3 hours after your workout is complete. Below is the formula for your exercise plan. The cardio and strength training routines must be designed by professionals such as your favorite cardio DVD, aerobics class, bootcamp, etc.. Not your made up routine of what seems like may work. The professionals know the proper intensity,  reps, sets, etc.. Stay true to this routine and eating plan and you should see amazing results. Good luck.

Day 1        AM 30-45 minutes cardio                                                PM 30-45 minutes cardio

Day 2        AM 30-45 minutes strength training                             PM 30-45 minutes cardio

Day 3        Rest

Day 4         AM 30-45 minutes cardio                                                PM 30-45 minutes cardio

Day 5          AM Strength training                                                       PM 30-45 minutes cardio

Day 6          Rest

Day 7          Rest

Daryl Madison / Chairacise, 404-272-3996,, Skype: daryl.madison

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