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Can flavored water, herbal tea and diet sodas count towards my 8 glasses of water ?

I believe most nutrition, fitness and health  professionals including yours truly believe you should drink at least 8 glasses of some good ole plain H2O. Nothing added, nothing subtracted just some virgin water.  After a good fat burning workout nothing goes down as smooth.

However, now the “experts” at the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Science, Dietary Reference Intake for Electrolytes and Water say different. They believe, “The fluids consumed do not have to be only water.  Individuals can obtain their fluids from a variety of beverages and foods”. Although I am certain they have spent way more time in research than me it just doesn’t sound right.

For people trying to lose weight it may be to tempting to give a justifiable option to drink something else. Seems it makes it to easy to rationalize and sabotage their eating and drinking plan. Kool-Aid, beer, sodas and tea have water in them so as long as you are getting your 8 glasses what’s the difference. I know that’s a little extreme. Herbal tea and diet sodas are I guess more of what we are discussing but I feel nothing cleanses the system and is best for the bodies fluid needs. For more health tips and exercise plans visit

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