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What a personal trainer really thinks when you use these excuses?(Part 1)

As  personal trainers we have heard all the excuses of why people can’t exercise. Below I have listed some of the most common excuses and although we do not usually say it as blunt in the back of our minds this is what we are thinking.

I don’t like counting calories? Don’t count them. There are thousands of quick weight loss eating plans which the calories are already calculated. This really means you don’t want to put in the time and effort to get on the computer and do a little research or spend the few bucks on a nutritionist. Also, it implies you are not serious about changing your eating habits.

I don’t have a lot of time to spend in the gym. It’s amazing how you have time to watch tv and play in front of the computer all day. It only takes 45 minutes to have a great weight loss and fat burning workout. It’s not how long but the quality of your workout. You would rather complain than actually workout.

I spend all my time deciding what to do in the gym and don’t ever do it. Plan ahead and write down your workout in advance. Look through any magazine or go on-line and find one of the millions of workouts available.

I can’t afford a personal trainer. Yea, but you can afford the expensive hairdo every two-three weeks or to eat out every other day. Consider investing in a exercise DVD program or watch any of the exercise programs on tv.  Join a gym and take fitness classes.

I can’t get motivated. If not living a long, healthy life for yourself or your family, friends or relatives nothing I say in a line or two will change your motivation.

I don’t want to mess up my hair. No problem, be overweight & unhealthy with a nice hairdo. Does lipstick on a pig sound familiar?

I can’t find anybody to workout with. Ask more than 2 people. Of the many hundreds of thousands of people who use this excuse you will eventually ask someone (who uses the same excuse). Join a bootcamp or exercise class at the gym.

Its to hot or cold to workout? What’s the temperature in a casket? Okay that was a little overboard.

Basically, until you make up your mind to “Just Do It” there will always be an excuse to not begin or continue.

Daryl Madison

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