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Top 3 Reasons Your Weight Loss Is Unsuccessful

Have you been doing your best to lose weight rapidly but have been unsuccessful? You are not alone. As a personal trainer I have heard this from many frustrated well intentioned people. Usually their lack of results can be traced back to 3 reasons.

  1. Although it’s a cliché it’s true eating is 90% of your success. You cannot out exercise a bad diet. Most people begin a weight loss routine by adjusting their eating habits without any guidance incorporating bits and pieces of information they have learned over the years. Instead of getting a proven successful eating plan they “wing it” and start cutting back which is healthier but may not be the best way for weight loss. Not knowing what to eat, how much/little is usually a recipe for disaster and waste time.

  2.   As with eating there is a certain way to exercise for significant and rapid weight loss. Getting on the treadmill-elliptical or going for a walk is healthier but not knowing the proper intensity, distance, or speed can lead to very slow results. Conversely, jumping into a bootcamp or high intensity class may be overwhelming and cause serious injury.

  3. Lack of discipline is usually why you are in your present predicament. If you would have controlled your eating and continuously exercised properly 1, 5, or 10 years ago you probably would not have had to read this post.

I have been personal trainer for 15 years and if tomorrow I decided to do your job it would take me weeks/months to learn what you know and years to get good at it. However, if I asked you what to do, listened, and implemented your advice I could learn much faster than trial and error. To get safe, rapid results consider hiring a personal trainer, speaking with a nutritionist, ordering a rapid weight loss program, speaking with a representative at your gym, etc… The knowledge provided by the professionals has been tested and proven and will provide much faster results.

Daryl Madison, 404-272-3996,,

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