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Top 10 reasons why Chair-A-Cise is the best weight loss program – hands down

1. Provides same or better weight loss percentage results as leading standing fitness programs with less stress on your ligament, tendons and joints.

“I have done both Chair-A-Cise and Insanity and have found that Chair-A-Cise gives the same full body and cardio conditioning but without the joint stress. I love being able to do everything in the workout without aggravating knee and shoulder problems. I am much stronger and am able to do much more pain-free than I have in years! Thanks Chair-A-Cise”.   –Annette

2. Sitting down reduces half of your body weight causing less weight and stress on your lower body (knees, ankles, feet, back, etc.). Better and safer than standing exercise program. Provides less chance of injury.

3. Only chair DVD weight loss transformation program designed with high, medium and low intensity exercises. DVDs start you off slow and quickly transitions to moderate followed by high and then extreme levels of exercising in just 10 weeks.

4 Chair-A-Cise is an exercise program the entire family can participate and everyone will have major benefits. Its safe for seniors, fun for kids yet challenging for younger and middle aged adults. Videos have all age groups performing exercises. Perfect for younger and middle aged parents who will not just be going through the motions to encourage kids/grandparents to exercise but will also have an effective and challenging workout also.

“Purchased this item for my Mom who is a Senior Citizen. We invited my sisters who both 40+ to work out with us and this DVD was a huge hit. It was challenging enough for my sisters and I as well as gentle enough for my Mom. High recommend!” – C.C.

5. DVDs have modified and standard version of most exercise programs so as your fitness level increases you can increase adjust the intensity.

6. The seven exercise programs (Chair-A-Cise, Chair-A-Cise 2, Chair-A-Cise Turbo, Chair-A-Cise Abs, Chair-A-Cise Strength Training, Chair-A-Cise Cardio Conditioning and Chair-A-Cise Circuit Training) which are included in the “10 Week Transformation Program” ($69.99) are cheaper than the most popular leading standing programs such as Insanity and P90X ($120)

7. Chair-A-Cise can prevents less future damage to your body. By using less weight on your lower joints now it preserves them (joints) more than doing entire body weight  exercises.

8. Chair-A-Cise has many proven testimonials ( and before and after pictures.

9. Chair-A-Cise is a complete 10 week total body DVD transformation program which not only provides quick weight loss but fat burning, toning and vastly improved strength and cardio.

10. Chair-A-Cise “Satisfaction Guarantee” policy allows our customers to evaluate their purchases for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied during this evaluation period return the DVDs to receive a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping and handling charges.

Daryl Madison,,, 404-272-3996, Skype: daryl.madison

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