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The Perfect Time To Start Your Weight Loss Program = Never

“Perfection is the enemy of Progress”. I don’t know where this quote originated but it’s definitely true for those wishing and waiting to lose weight. There is no perfect time, however this is the perfect excuse for procrastination and indecisiveness. If there was a perfect time wouldn’t you have started your quick weight loss plan already. If you have been overweight for years and still looking for the perfect time- guess what? It’s not coming. Well, actually it’s already passed. The perfect time was yesterday and the next perfect time is right now. You don’t have to know everything. Don’t worry about counting calories (just start by watching what you eat right now) or the perfect exercise plan ( use the fat burning DVD you already have). While both are very important (calorie intake and choosing an exercise plan which best compliments your fitness level) to your success having all the information you need won’t do any good if you don’t start.

If you have young kids and waiting to you have them perfectly situated (in bed, quite time, a little older) where you will have time to go to the gym, have a personal trainer or put in your quick weight loss dvd its not going to happen. There are hundreds of thousands of great moms who have maybe more kids than you who have found a way to eat right and exercise. Maybe your job keeps you busy from sun up to sun down. Believe it or not there is still usually about 8 hours between sun down to sun up to get your workouts in.

Ultimately you have to make the commitment to improve your health and fitness and just put one foot in front of the other and just “go” regardless of the timing or the circumstances.

Will it be easy? No.

Will it be convenient?  No

Will it be hard? Yes

Will it be time consuming? Yes

Will it be worth it when you lose weight, feel great and healthy? Yes

How did most people who lost weight do it? They started. When you “just” start you will figure things out as you go. Can I guarantee you will succeed? No, but I can guarantee  you will continue to fail if your are waiting for the “perfect time”.

Daryl Madison (

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