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The Perfect Gift For People Who Want To Lose Weight

There are 2 types of gifts which you can provide people who wants to lose weight. An indirect and direct gift.

  1. Indirect gifts are things such as a fitbit, gym membership, workout clothes, workout equipment (weights, resistant bands) etc.. These are great gifts if purchasing something for fitness in general but do not have a direct effect on weight loss.

  2. However if you really want to have an impact on their weight loss  and provide the best chance of long term results there are two direct gifts which would be perfect.

  3. Purchase them a quick weight loss DVD program. A DVD is just like having a personal trainer there in regards to structure and usually the programs have been tested and proven by a certified personal trainer who designed it. If they do not use it now they can always use it in the future. Unlike a personal trainer which may have a busy schedule they can use the DVD at a time which is most convenient for them. A DVD can be done in the privacy of their home. Many overweight people do not want to be around a crowd when exercising because they may be self conscience or insecure and feel people are watching.  When choosing a weight loss dvd be sure it has a calendar which shows what workout to do daily. This will provide structure for best results. There are several programs which I recommend. First is “Cise” (Beachbody Product) a dance video by Shawn T where you dance your way to weight loss. Chair-A-Cise is a 90 day quick weight loss chair exercise program and T-25 which is also a fitness program with Shawn T (Beachbody Product).

  4. Purchase them a 5 pack of personal training sessions. When you give it as a gift people feel obligated to use them because they don’t want you to feel you wasted your money and know they will eventually see you again and have to explain why they have not used them. It may be just the jumpstart they need. The trainer will provide accountability and an effective workout but will also supply and eating plan so you get three benefits. Only purchase 5 sessions because people believe they will give it a shot and it doesn’t seem as long term plus you don’t want to waste a lot of money if they decide not to do.

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