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Obese Quick Weight Loss Exercise Plan

Okay, lets be honest the quick weight loss infomercials/commercials are not for the obese. Usually they are targeted for people who are already in decent fitness shape or may need to lose 20-30 pounds. For the obese the” before” picture  on infomercials would be a great fitness goal.

Realistically, jumping up and down, running side to side, diving on the ground and quickly popping back up is not going to cut it. Seems like the fitness industry has “conveniently” forgotten the obese are the ones who need to lose weight the most. So what are their options to lose weight quickly? Sure they could start by walking, which is good, but its going to take forever to start seeing major results. Maybe they could get on the treadmill but really isn’t that the same as walking except the scenery never changes.

The obese need an exercise DVD program which is challenging and will get their heart rate up, however it needs to be simple, doable, realistic and short but very effective. A program which gradually eases them into exercise but steadily increases the intensity.

That’s exactly what the Chair-A-Cise (chair exercise) 10 Week Quick Weight Loss DVD Program does. While Chair-A-Cise is easier  on the knees, back and other joints than standing exercise programs it also transforms many of the best standing toning, fat burning and weight loss exercises (jumping jacks, sprints, etc.) into chair exercises. The models, particularly, in the beginning videos are very relatable because they are also at the early stages of their weight loss journey. Additionally, a modified version is provided for most of the exercises. Chair-A-Cise addresses many of the obese needs and concerns while being very enjoyable and a program they can do.

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