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Is it possible to have fun exercising?

People who don’t like exercising usually think of exercises or exercise programs they hate doing. Maybe they think of a gym where everyone is fit and they would be the only one not in shape or can’t keep up with the aerobics instructor. Perhaps they imagine jumping up and down continuously or a  buffed personal trainer yelling at them to do five more reps when they feel like throwing up. With thoughts like those its easy to get into the, “I am never going back to the gym” mindset. Now you have a great excuse to return to being a couch potato.

Well, life is short so don’t spend time doing exercises you hate. If you are not a fan of hardcore training like P90x or Insanity don’t do it (although I really enjoy both of them). If you don’t want to or like standing get a quick weight loss program such as Chair-A-Cise which allows you to sit but gives you the same results as standing exercise programs. I personally don’t like running so I would not join a running team or begin a program which includes a lot of running. I like strength training and boot-camp style workouts so I don’t do aerobic classes. If you don’t like gyms buy a fat burning DVD or hire a personal trainer. If you don’t like lifting weights do body-weight exercises (push-ups, squats, etc.).

You must think outside the box. There are boatloads of exercise programs available. You just have to decide what works for you and be willing to experiment and invest time learning about different programs. Good luck. (For more information regarding weight loss exercise plans visit


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