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How To Be 100% Sure To Get Your Weight Loss Workout Done

How do you guarantee getting your weight loss workout done everyday? The secret is what I call the three “P”s.

1. Priority- If you are serious about losing weight your exercise program must be TOP PRIORITY. Do not let anything or anybody get in the way of your daily workout. Avoid additional stops when going to the gym. No paying bills or going to the store until afterwards. If exercising at home do not check e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and avoid taking phone calls or text messages until finished.

2. Prepare- To have a productive workout prepare the night before. Know exactly what time you are going to start, where you are going and what you are going to do. Knowing this in advance provides direction and gets you mentally prepared for the exercise program.

3. Procrastination- After work everyone wants to wind down and talk a few minutes to co-workers, try to get a little  extra done for the day or get a jump start for the  the next day when you should be headed to the gym. Maybe if you exercise before work you are tempted to hit the snooze button a couple of extra times. Either way you are wasting valuable time you could use for that extra set, running the extra mile or doing another set of crunches. Often times if you procrastinate long enough you will decide you are not in the mood and just do half the workout or convince yourself you will do it tomorrow and train twice as hard. Yea, right.

If you remember and apply the three “P”s consistently you will be on your way to reaching your quick weight loss goals. (For more exercise information visit )

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