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Exercising Consistently and No Weight Loss

confusion exercise

Are you exercising to lose weight but remaining the same-putting in extra time in the gym, going walking, riding the elliptical and treadmill? Putting forth great effort but not getting results. If so the reason may be you need “guidance”, which is advice aimed at resolving a problem.

If you close your eyes and attempted to make it to the nearest restroom you would probably get there eventually but when your eyes are open you use the quickest and easiest route. Your eyes were your guide. If your hard work and dedication is not moving the scale seek guidance.

So, where do you get guidance? Hire a personal trainer who has been trained and experienced to quickly and safely assist with rapid weight loss. Make the financial sacrifice if necessary. It’s worth it instead of going around in circles on your own. However, if a personal trainer is not feasible order quick weight loss DVDs such as my Chair-A-Cise Quick Weight Loss 10 Week program. Usually, the DVDs are created by certified personal trainers. Lastly, another option is Chair-A-Cise Skype personal training . Skype allows you to see and hear the trainer and the trainer to see and hear you via webcam from your computer, laptop, tablet, t.v. or smart phone for live Chair-A-Cise personal training.

Daryl Madison

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