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Confidence #1Benefit of Weight Loss

As a personal trainer the major difference I notice immediately in people I have trained is confidence when they begin losing weight. Have you ever seen a bodybuilder, model, personal trainer acting or looking shy and timid. Probably not. There is a certain amount of confidence or swag which comes with being in shape and healthy. If you have been there you know exactly what I am talking about. For guys its like the feeling of being Tarzan or Sampson (Bible).  For women its the feeling of knowing the guys walking by at work or at the mall can’t stop saying hello or making a glance turn into a stare.

male bodybuilder

There are 2 major reasons people exercise which are for health and appearance. The health part is dealing with the inside. It’s what keeps the body clock ticking and running smoothly. The outside it’s like seeing a brand new fully loaded Mercedez in top condition right off the assembly line. When you have put in the time and effort to lose weight whether it was going to the gym, using your favorite Chair-A-Cise quick weight loss DVD or hiring a personal trainer you feel and look confident and it shows.

I am not talking about arrogance but the feeling of knowing you put in the hard work exercising and made the sacrifices of disciplined eating and now it’s time to reap the rewards. For women its showing those toned arms and curvy waist and for guys to show off the chest and shoulders we have worked to get all winter.

Do you miss the feeling of that confidence and swag or perhaps you never had it? Well, its no better time than right now, spring, to start and you could be ready for the summer. (For more great fitness blogs, health tips and articles visit )

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