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“Bad Feet” Quick Weight Loss 90 Day Exercise Program

Do you have “bad feet” and need a quick weight loss exercise program? Often people with “feet issues” can not find a workout program suitable for them because most programs consists of demanding and stressful exercises which causes direct pressure on the feet. There are several reasons traditional workout programs actually do more damage than good for people with feet concerns.

  1. Your feet which are small compared to the rest of your body carries the entire weight of your upper, middle and lower body. Basically, they are required to take you wherever you want to go. The average American adult takes about 5,000 steps a day  Adding exercise to this distance increases the foot workload.

  2. Cardio which is an important part of any exercise program places more stress on the feet because in addition to your bodyweight the added force of the movements such as quickly moving forward and backwards, from side to side, jumping up and down or on and off the floor-stepper-bench, etc.. causes major impact and may lead to irritation and injury to someone who has “bad feet”.

  3. Most traditional exercise programs usually requires lifting medium to heavy weight which adds to your body weight. The extra weights causing more overload on the feet.

Eventually over time the above listed concerns irritate and worsen feet issues you presently have or may cause feet problems in the future. So, what’s the solution? The perfect quick weight loss program for people with “bad feet” is Chair-A-Cise a 90 Day Quick Weight Loss and Toning Chair Exercise Video which provides the same results as any of the leading and most popular standing exercise programs however with less stress on your feet and joints.

Chair-A-Cise has taken many of the most effective standing exercises and transformed them into fat burning, rapid weight loss chair exercises (testimonial of 100 pound weight loss). Because you are sitting 2/3 of your body weight is not placing stress on your feet. Also because there are no body jarring exercises such as jumping on and off the floor it’s a much safer workout. Last, with Chair-A-Cise you only need light weights/dumbbells ( 3-5 pounds for women and 5-8 pounds for men) for toning and strength building.

So don’t let “bad feet” keep you overweight, unhealthy and not enjoying a high quality of life. Do the safe, fast, simple proven 90 Day Chair-A-Cise program.

“This workout series was amazing!!After breaking my foot and not being able to do any traditional cardio workouts,I was so happy to have found this. I was skeptical that a chair workout would make me feel worked ,but this one did and it was so much fun!!   -Colleen B.

“I own this video and it actually does work. I messed up my ankles a couple of months ago right as I was starting to lose weight via another method (my dr. said do it or die). It was a real set-back and rather depressing. However, I found the C-A-C video and I’ve been getting a great workout. It wears me out just like my treadmill did, but I’m working all areas of my body. I don’t work for C-A-C nor do I know Daryl Madison, but here’s my honest opinion: C-A-C works. Just be faithful to it.” – D.

“Great exercise program!!! Best way for me to do exercises without being on my feet and I still sweat. Daryl is a great motivator, which is very important.” – S.B.

Daryl Madison,,, 404-272-3996

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