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#1 Thing Guaranteed to Keep You Motivated for Weight Loss

As a personal trainer for 15 years I guarantee the #1 thing for keeping someone motivated is “quick results”. Also, I can guarantee what will frustrate and cause people to quit are a lack of results. In other words if you are having an immediate payoff with weight loss and toning you will continue and if you are not losing weight and remaining the same eventually you will stop because your deposit of time, money, blood, sweat and tears is not paying off.

So what separates getting quick results from slow or no results? In a word “effort”. When I refer to effort I mean the degree to which you put forth energy to get your desired fitness goals which is usually weight loss. I am not referring to just “attempting” to do something which is always better than doing nothing but the use of tremendous physical effort on your workout and strong mental discipline with eating.

Showing up to the workout or ordering the quick weight loss exercise program shows effort. That’s to be applauded and is no small feat but it’s just the beginning of a long road. I have trained clients one-on-one,   in large and small group settings and through the use of my 90 day quick weight loss program   and when the results are amazingly fast they can’t wait until the next workout. Sometimes I have to slow them down.

However, most people don’t have what it takes to sacrifice to get quick results and that’s why 2/3 of people who join the gyms in January stop going by March 1st. I am not indicating to go all out Rambo style starting off but I am saying push your body past your comfort level where you are not just going through the motions. Just deciding to drink more water the first week of your program is not going to cut it for “adjusting your eating habits” so expect to remain same. People believe if they make some small change or provide minimal effort the pounds will quickly drop off. That’s simply not the way it works.

To see results “now” and stay motivated put forth focused and determined effort the first two weeks of your exercise program and you should see significant results.

Daryl Madison,,, 404-272-3996

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