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Don't Just Exercise---Chair-A-Cise


"I have lost over 100 pounds.........Chair-A-Cise works"(Dennis)

before chair weight loss exercise
after chair execise weight loss



Chair-A-Cise is a breakthrough “chair exercise” rapid weight loss program that gives you everything you need to totally transform your body 

* Are you frustrated searching for "rapid" weight loss programs which don't punish your body and provides results?

* Tired of jumping up and down, running back and forth

*Don't want to lift unnecessary heavy bulking weights

*Why risk pain and injury just to lose weight

                                     There should be an easier way to look great and get healthy.


Well, the days of "No Pain, No Gain" are over. The Chair-A-Cise 60 Day Total Body Transformation  Chair Exercise program gives you a true fat burning weight loss medium/high intensity low impact safe workout which will leave you looking great. 


Chair-A-Cise starts with simple doable chair exercises which cranks up the speed and intensity to deliver fat burning workouts for dramatically, visible incredible results


" I feel great and am so grateful for the success I am experiencing....In July, I experienced severe headaches and fatigue. After visiting my doctor I was  diagnosed with high blood pressure...

I met with Daryl in October to begin the Chair-A-Cise program weighing 255 the end of the ten weeks I had lost a total of 30 lbs and over 25 inches--M.B.

Formerly 500 pounds & Chair-A-Cise model Chad, recommends this innovative program. 

CAC 40.jpg

No more frustration. The Chair-A-Cise Rapid Weight Loss program will solve your problems and take care of you. Who says you have to jump, grunt, strain, and punish your body to get amazing results from your workout?





  *Fat Burning

  *Muscle Sculpting

  *Fast Results

  *Body Definition

  *Abs & Obliques

CAC 50.jpg


*Build Endurance

*Strength Training

*Back Support

*Easy on Knees

*No Bulking

*Easy on Feet/Back


What do our customers think about our product?

“I lost 15 pounds while on the eating plan and doing Chair-A-Cise. I really enjoy the transformation. I feel healthier and more active. Not to mention I learned a lot about exercising. Like most women I wanted to work on my abs. I went from a size 38 waist to a size 33 waist. I don’t mind buying clothes that fit me now instead of two sizes bigger.” -T.​

“I have done both Chair-A-Cise and Insanity and have found that Chair-A-Cise gives the same full body and cardio conditioning but without the joint stress. I love being able to do everything in the workout without aggravating knee and shoulder problems. I am much stronger and am able to do much more pain-free than I have in years! Thanks Chair-A-Cise”.----Annette

“Daryl, just want to say I received the DVD and I absolutely love it. I am bragging it up and down and sideways to anyone who will listen to me. thanks again so much.” -P.


​“I tried this exercise today and it is absolutely amazing OMG I sweat like a horse I never knew one could sit and sweat so much. Thank you so much for this video. I must do it regularly.” -M.

(For many more testimonials from customers, doctors, etc.)                                           Click Here

Use Chair-A-Cise at home, work, vacation, at park, with friends & have a fat burning safe workout anywhere, anytime


Compare​​​​​​​                            * Specifically for rapid weight loss & toning not just to keep you moving

                                            * Quickly moves from beginner to mid-level to advanced safely

with competitors                *  Daily exercise workout calendar to direct you for fast results

                                            * Proven eating plan to keep you fueled up and not hungry

chair exercise programs   * 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

                                            * Incorporates fat burning, toning and strength training exercises

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