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The Chair-A-Cise Rapid Weight Loss Transformation 60 Day DVD Program will solve your problems & take care of you. 


  3 Powerful Weight Loss Tools


* 6 Weight Loss Programs on 2 DVDs

*Get Lean Exercise Calendar  

* Daily Exercise Calendar for Guidance





"Don't just exercise----- Chair-A-Cise

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When I began working out – it was the first time I had ever tried fitness in my life. I was tired of being tired and overweight. I needed a change, so I connected with Daryl and he introduced me to the Chair-a-cise program. I could barely lift a 2lb weight – but under Daryl’s direction and the Chair-a-cise program, I was able to build my strength and lose inches. I recommend Chair-a-cise to anyone who is ready to make the changes necessary to get fit and make fitness a lifestyle. “


                                                                     6 Exercise programs on 2 DVDs:

 We have worked closely with fitness and healthcare professionals to make sure you are getting the most from your exercise program. We understand the importance of providing a safe program with results.


                                                The 6 programs included are:

1.Cardio Conditioning= total body cardio workout for endurance and stamina while burning calories (38 minutes)


2.Strength Training= build lean muscle and get lower and upper body toning while increasing strength (28 minutes)


3.Circuit Training= cardio interval exercises with long burst of intense exercise followed by periods of rest (40 minutes)


4.Abs Blaster = Total ab exercise program to firm and tighten abs. Sculpt lower, upper and side obliques. Forces you to get amazingly lean abs (18 minutes).

5.Cardio Power=  Calorie burning fast paced cardio moves with explosive intervals. Sequenced power moves to shock your body and keep your muscles under tension. (60 minutes)


6. Extreme = Sweat drenching cardio that keeps your heart rate up and metabolism high with continuous  non-stop cardio (44 minutes)​​​  






Diet Apples
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Benefits from Chair-A-Cise Transformation  Program

  • Beginner to great fitness level and massive weight loss in just 60 days

  • Improved confidence in appearance

  • Incorporates many of the most successful standing philosophies such as circuit and interval training

  •  Many of the exercises you have done before such as jumping jacks and sprints

  • The models in the videos are at different levels in their fitness journey. Some advanced, some beginners

  • Exercises are simple, fun, doable but provide results

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Chair-A-Cise 60 Day Rapid Weight Loss Total Body Transformation DVD

*2 DVD's


*6 Weight Loss and Fat Burning Exercise Programs  

*Easy, Doable , Eating plan designed specifically for the Chair-A-Cise DVDs

*Exercise calendar to show you which program to do daily.

           (90 Day Money Back Guarantee. See bottom for more info


" I feel great and am so grateful for the success I am experiencing....In July, I experienced severe headaches and fatigue. After visiting my doctor I was  diagnosed with high blood pressure...

I met with Daryl in October to begin the Chair-A-Cise program weighing 255 the end of the ten weeks I had lost a total of 30 lbs and over 25 inches--M.B.


Chair-A-Cise 60 Day DVD's & 7 Day Coaching Jumpstart Success Programs

*Get everything offered with the 60 Day Rapid Weight Loss DVD Program and your personal Chair-A-Cise Jumpstart coach.


The first 7 days of your fitness program can usually determines if you will remain motivated and continue so you have your own personal coach to ensure you get results early and stay motivated.

                                     7 Day Coaching Package includes:

1. Initial Consultation = 20 minute On-line/ video chat/email/phone consult to answer questions, prevent obstacles and provide suggestions.

2.Daily Eating and Exercise form = short 1 minute form emailed to your coach daily for review, feedback and comments.

3.Mid-Week Check In = 10 minute On-line video chat/Phone Call/Email to review beginning of week and ensure finishing the week strong.

4. Daily emails/text to motivate, encourage, inspire

5. End of week review = On-line video chat/email/phone call discussing weeks successes, challenges and preparation for long-term success.

6. 2 DVD's


7. Six Weight Loss and Fat Burning Exercise Programs  

8. Easy, Doable , Eating plan designed specifically for the Chair-A-Cise DVDs

9.Exercise calendar to show you which program to do daily.

           Only $159.99 (Coaching must be used within 30 days of purchase)       

Personal Trainer


(Coaching must be used within 30 days of   purchase

Lose up to 6-12 lbs in 7 days with coaching


Satisfaction Guarantee Policy. 

Chair-A-Cise Satisfaction Guarantee Policy allows our customers to evaluate their purchase for up to 90 days from the date of purchase. If our customers are not completely satisfied during this evaluation period they can return their purchase to receive a full refund minus shipping and handling charges.

In order to receive a full refund customers should simply return the product to our customer service center (Chair-A-Cise, 2951 Secretariat Court, Decatur, GA. , 30034) at their expense. Customers should also include their name, address, email address (optional) and phone number to ensure refund is applied correctly. All returning DVDs must be in the original casing. Customers will receive  a full refund (minus shipping and handling) within 12 business days of received DVDs.

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