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            Personal Training Rates

         Rates for visiting my location (Decatur. GA)       

 45 minute sessions = once a week $45, twice a week $40 each   session and $35 three times a week each session. 

 60 minutes sessions = once a week is $55, twice a week is $45    each session and three times a week is $40 each session

       Call 404-272-3996 for rates to travel to you



   Partner/Semi Private Training Rates


Semi Private Training Sessions are designed for two individuals at the same time. If both have similar goals the price is reduced and you still receive the benefits  of closely supervised exercise instruction. 

   45 minutes Semi Private Sessions = $40  each person once a       week, twice a week $35  each per session and $30 each three     times a week per session 


   60 minute Semi Private Sessions = $45 each per session once       a week, twice a week is $40 each a session and $35 each            three times a week per session.


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Within 8 months, I lost 37 pounds and went from a size 16 ro  size 8, and I could not be happier with the results. Daryl is an Awesome trainer and any client working with him is guaranteed to get the results they want and more.


Each initial personal training package includes a "7 Day"  Coaching/Accountability Jumpstart Success Program to ensure you get results early and stay motivated.

                 7 Day Coaching Package includes:

1. Initial Consultation = 20 minute video chat/phone/email/in person consult to answer questions, prevent obstacles and provide suggestions.

2.Daily Eating and Exercise form = short 1 minute form emailed to your coach daily for review, feedback and comments.

3.Mid-Week Check In = 10 minute Face to Face/video chat/Phone Call/Email to review beginning of week and ensure finishing the week strong.

4. Daily emails/text to motivate, encourage, inspire

5. End of week review = Face to Face/Skype/phone call/video chat discussing weeks successes, challenges and preparation for long-term success.

Personal Trainer
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