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Weight Loss Resolution 2015? Think About This First

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Happy New Year and much success with your 2015 fitness goals. However, did you know 78% of people fail to reach their New Year’s resolutions? As a personal trainer I would guess this 78% includes those with good intentions whom have set weight loss, fat burning, toning, and improving health and fitness high on the list. Additionally, I would guess this 78% failed to reach their fitness goals the other 11 months also.

I get it. “New Years” does have a certain start over or beginning feeling about it. A certain “newness”. A removal of the old and looking forward to the new spirit. But so does starting an exercise program on a Monday to begin any week, the first Monday of any month, the first day of any month or the first day of summer or spring. Unfortunately, the same challenges you had on December 31, 2014 are the same challenges you have on January 1, 2015.

You see a day is a day, a month is a month and a Monday is a Monday. It’s not about a mark in time but about a moment when you will make a commitment that no matter hell or high water you are going to get it done. The “newness” of 2015 will quickly fade just as every other year did and every future year will. But an unyielding commitment can be made at 2:30 am or 2:30 pm, at noon or midnight. A do or die promise can be made right now as you are reading this blog/post regardless if you are in your business suit, pajamas or underwear.

If something is going to push you forward it’s not an undying loyalty to four numbers (2015) but an extreme loyalty, devotion and commitment to the person you see in the mirror everyday of every year.

Daryl Madison/Chair-A-Cise,, 404-272-3996.

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