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Top 20 Exercise Excuses and Answers

As a personal trainer I have heard millions of reasons why people can’t exercise and lose weight. The most important thing about getting results is working out. You just have to do it. You can’t wish, hope or pray and expect quick weight loss to happen but you can wish, hope, pray and do. Here are some of the excuses I hear most often.

1.  I don’t like to workout. So you would rather be overweight and unhealthy.

2. I work to much. So does everyone else at the gym. Remember that when your health fails. Work less and take better care of yourself.

3. I will do it tomorrow. Yea, right. Tomorrow may not be guaranteed if you don’t start exercising today.

4. When it my time to go, its my time to go (die). Really, go jump off a building or drive on the expressway and sit on your hands. If it’s not your  time nothing is going to happen. However, please write a “will” first and erase this email.

5. I don’t have exercise clothes. It’s not a fashion show. Put on some clothes and get started.

6. I am tired. You were tired when the alarm clock went off this morning but still did an eight hour job. So surely you can do 30 minutes.

7. My girlfriend/boyfriend is not supportive. Get another girlfriend or boyfriend who will support you improving the quality of your life. Also, find someone who is already exercising and has the same goals as you.

8. Working out is hard. Really,  its called WORKing out. To get results you have to put the time and effort in.

9. I exercised before and didn’t get results. If you are still reading I am sure you used some of these excuses and were not consistent. BE CONSISTENT.

10. Can’t afford the supplements (fat burners, shakes, cleansers, vitamins, etc.). Don’t take them. Exercising is the most important thing.

11. I want to hang out with my kids and family. Include them in your exercise program.

12. I am sore from yesterday. You will get over it. Work a different body part.

13. I worked out yesterday. You ate, showered and _ _ _ _ yesterday too but it don’t stop you from  doing them today.

14.  My favorite show is coming on. Record it for later.

15. I don’t want to get very buffed or toned. You won’t.

16. I have previous injuries. Previous means past. You are probably healed or at least can learn to exercise safely  or modify the program.

17. Eating healthy is expensive. Not as expensive as co-pays and doctor bills.

18. I don’t like going to the gym. Workout at home. Get a DVD or fitness magazine.

19. I don’t know what to do. Hire a trainer or get a fitness magazine or download a program from the internet.

20. I am lazy. You nailed it. Exercising provides energy.

You see, there are many reasons/excuses to not exercise. You are no different than the other millions of people who have chosen to improve the quality of their lives or extend years to their lives. The only difference is they have decided to do something about it. For more health and fitness tips and blogs visit

Daryl Madison,, 404-272-3996

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