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How to Lose Weight—- Lose Laziness

As a personal trainer the question I am asked most is “how do I lose weight”? The easy answer is burn more calories than you eat. But of course they already know that. What I have realized  people are really asking is, “how do I lose weight without putting in a lot of work”? In other words how can I drop the 20+ pounds, burn fat, tone and get the beach body look without putting in the hard effort, time and discipline? Why do you think people have surgeries, take diet pills, get on unhealthy and unsafe eating plans or get the next piece of fitness equipment on the infomercial which guarantees instant success?

Well, whether you get a personal trainer, Chair-A-Cise quick weight loss DVD or plastic surgery sooner or later you are going to have to put in the work, time and discipline to get and/or maintain your desired results. The real secret is to realize it takes sacrifice, endurance and some good ole fashion rolling your sleeves up determination. Once you get in this mind set and set some short and long term goals you are on your way. (For more information on weight loss visit )

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