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How to Exercise and Lose Weight with Bone Spurs?

Bone spurs comes from a change in pressure on a certain part of the body, usually the feet, which causes growth or projection on the edge of the bone. Although not painful themselves exercising for weight loss with it can be very discomforting. The movements of exercise causes rubbing, interference with ligaments and tendons or the placing of pressure on nerves of the feet. Spurs may also limit the range of motion of a limb or joint making it difficult to get an intense workout.

So, what is an effective weight loss program for someone with bone spurs?. Chair exercise programs reduces the pressure by not placing the weight of the upper body on the feet. Chair exercise programs such as Chair-A-Cise which is designed specifically for fat burning, toning and weight loss can be just what the doctor ordered for reducing trauma and heavy impact for the feet but still provides an intense effective program. However, what’s most important is to begin some type of exercise plan because one of the causes of bone spurs is weight gain. (For more information regarding Chair-A-Cise visit

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