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Great Abs in 2010

Many people have told me they struggle to get the results they want from their ab routine.  This could be because the perception created by many weight trainers is that you should train abs directly by doing hundreds of ab exercises. But all of that won’t necessarily get your abs in great shape.  Neither will spending 70% of your workout time on the gym floor doing crunches, leg raises and body twists.  So, what is the best way to get great abs? Here is the best tip I can give you for creating your very own 2010 Results Driven Ab Routine…Chair-A-Cise!  This full body workout program increases the fat burning process in the body and causes the loss of stomach fat. It is the stomach fat that is covering the ab muscles.  When you look in the mirror, that is what you see instead of the six pack you’re seeking.  Oh yeah!  The six pack is there, but it’s covered up by body fat.  Burn off the body fat with Chair-A-Cise and  you will see a six pack you never even knew you had!

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