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Fall Workout Tips

This is my favorite time of year to 

exercise outside. Cooler evenings, not to hot nor to cold weather and the sun provides just enough warmth. However, soon we will lose sunlight and the weather will significantly drop which means you will have to be more creative to get those weight loss and fat burning workouts in.

There are several steps to adjusting to the Fall season.

1. Exercise DVD – Have an effective DVD at home, such as Chair-A-Cise. They really come in handy if you are not in the mood to go to the gym or it’s to dark or cold outside.

2. Change your routine- This will avoid boredom while creating excitement and anticipation while providing an extra burst of energy.

3. Lastly, fuel your body with vegetables, fruits, water and lean meats to avoid the stuffed can’t exercise mood which is easy to get in the fall and winter months.

Just because the seasons change don’t use it as an excuse to stop you from obtaining your fitness goals. For more information on Chair-A-Cise visit

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