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#1 Reason People Lose The Weight Loss Battle

Not exercising, feeling guilty, still doing nothing

Not exercising, feeling guilty, still doing nothing

If you have not lost weight and have been “wanting/trying” to for years there should not be a day you are not actively seeking and implementing ways to get it done. With all the information available such as the internet, quick weight loss DVDs, magazines and personal trainers there can only be 1 reason for not having reached your fitness goals: Laziness

Maybe you are thinking who am I to call you lazy? Well, I would be the first to say there are many (some not many) areas I have been lazy in over the years and unfortunately, just as you have not achieved your weight loss results I have not reached certain goals either. Now, I am strongly refocused and working on those goals. However, weight loss is not one of my goals so  let’s get back to you (smile).

You may have excuses all day with reasons, explanations, and justifications of why you have not lost weight. After 12 years of personal training I have heard them all but eventually  it comes back to laziness. I am almost 100% certain laziness is why 78% of people never reach their New Years Resolutions which usually includes weight loss. To be honest that’s pathetic considering all the resources at your finger tips and how it can add to your quality of life. Not to mention the other people who are counting on your health and well being. Yet you choose” laziness”.

You may think these are harsh words but its brutally honest. Many times, an honest assessment sucks and its not a good feeling but it does make you and me stop, pause for a moment and consider what we are going to do about the situation now. “Do Something”.

Daryl Madison, Chair-A-Cise,, 404-272-3996

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