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"Don't Just Exercise --------------- Chair-A-Cise"

Chair-A-Cise is a breakthrough “chair exercise” rapid weight loss DVD program that gives you everything you need to totally transform your body in just 60 days.

With Chair-A-Cise I have taken an old ordinary idea, chair exercising, and added a modern day twist by using the most effective standing weight loss exercises (sprints, jumping jacks, etc.) and transformed them into fat burning chair exercises.

* Are you frustrated searching for "rapid" weight loss programs which don't punish your body and provides results?

* Tired of jumping up and down, running back and forth

*Don't want to lift unnecessary heavy bulking weights

*Why risk pain and injury just to lose weight

chairacise dvd cover 4.jpg

No more frustration. The Chair-A-Cise Rapid Weight Loss 60 Day Transformation System will solve your problems and take care of youWho says you have to jump, grunt, strain, and punish your body to get amazing results from your workout?


*Fat Burning

*Muscle Sculpting

*Fast Results

*Body Definition

          "Lose up to 30 pounds fast"

*Build Endurance

*Strength Training

*Back Support

*Easy on Knees, Feet,Back

*No Bulking

*Abs and Obliques

                         There should be an easier way to look great and get healthy.


Well, the days of "No Pain, No Gain" are over. The Chair-A-Cise 60 Day Total Body Transformation  Chair Exercise program gives you a true fat burning weight loss low impact safe workout which will leave you looking great. 


Chair-A-Cise is not your standard chair exercise program with continuous slow paced boring movements. Although you start at a beginners level we speed up everythng including your results. Every movement is designed to burn fat, sculpt and transform your body as you minimize aches and pains which comes with high impact standing workouts.


Chair-A-Cise starts with simple doable chair exercises which cranks up the speed and intensity to deliver fat burning low impact workouts for dramatically, visible incredible results

"I have lost over 100 pounds.........Chair-A-Cise works"(Dennis)

dennis 2.jpg
Dennis After (2).jpg

Formerly 500 pounds, and Chair-A-Cise model Chad, recommends this innovative program. Amazing testimony

CAC 40_edited.jpg

What do our customers think about our product?

(For many more testimonials from customers, doctors, etc.)                                           Click Here

“I have done both Chair-A-Cise and Insanity and have found that Chair-A-Cise gives the same full body and cardio conditioning but without the joint stress. I love being able to do everything in the workout without aggravating knee and shoulder problems. I am much stronger and am able to do much more pain-free than I have in years! Thanks Chair-A-Cise”.


“I lost 15 pounds while on the eating plan and doing Chair-A-Cise. I really enjoy the transformation. I feel healthier and more active. Not to mention I learned a lot about exercising. Like most women I wanted to work on my abs. I went from a size 38 waist to a size 33 waist. I don’t mind buying clothes that fit me now instead of two sizes bigger.” -T.

“Daryl, just want to say I received the DVD and I absolutely love it. I am bragging it up and down and sideways to anyone who will listen to me. thanks again so much.” -P.

“I tried this exercise today and it is absolutely amazing OMG I sweat like a horse I never knew one could sit and sweat so much. Thank you so much for this video. I must do it regularly.” -M.

Use Chair-A-Cise at home, work, vacation, at park, with friends & have a fat burning safe workout anywhere, anytime


                          (Everything you need to know here)

Compare​​​​​​​                            * Specifically for rapid weight loss & toning not just to keep you moving

                                        * Quickly moves from beginner to mid-level to advanced safely

with competitors                *  Daily exercise workout calendar to direct you for fast results

                                        * Proven eating plan to keep you fueled up and not hungry

chair exercise programs      * 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

                                        * Incorporates fat burning, toning and strength training exercises

Benefits from Chair-A-Cise Transformation  Program

  1. Beginner to great fitness level and massive weight loss in just 60 days

  2. Improved confidence in appearance

  3. Incorporates many of the most successful standing philosophies such as circuit and interval training

  4.  Many of the exercises you have done before such as jumping jacks and sprints

  5. The models in the videos are at different levels in their fitness journey. Some advanced, some beginners

  6. Exercises are simple, fun, doable but provide results

 3 Powerful Weight Loss Tools

  • 6 Workouts on 2 DVDs

  • Get Lean Eating Plan

  • Daily Exercise Calendar 

IMG_3166 amazon image_edited.jpg

   What Do You Get With The 60 Day Transformation?  


                                                     6 Exercise programs on 2 DVDs:

 We have worked closely with fitness and healthcare professionals to make sure you are getting the most from your exercise program. We understand the importance of providing a safe program with results.


                                                The 6 programs included are:

1.Cardio Conditioning= total body cardio workout for endurance and stamina while burning calories (38 minutes)


2.Strength Training= build lean muscle and get lower and upper body toning while increasing strength (28 minutes)


3.Circuit Training= cardio interval exercises with long burst of intense exercise followed by periods of rest (40 minutes)


4.Abs Blaster = Total ab exercise program to firm and tighten abs. Sculpt lower, upper and side obliques. Forces you to get amazingly lean abs (18 minutes).

5.Cardio Power=  Calorie burning fast paced cardio moves with explosive intervals. Sequenced power moves to shock your body and keep your muscles under tension. (60 minutes)


6. Extreme = Sweat drenching cardio that keeps your heart rate up and metabolism high with continuous  non-stop cardio (44 minutes)​​​  




"I feel great and am so grateful for the success I am experiencing...."


"In July, I experiennced severe headaches and fatugue. After visiting my doctor I was diagnosed with high blood pressure..."


"I met with Daryl in October to begin the chair-a-cise program weighing 255lbs. I was committed to the quick weight loss program....At the end of ten weeks I had lost a total of 30 lbs and over 25 inches!"----M.B.

Chair-A-Cise 60 Day Rapid Weight Loss Total Body Transformation DVD

*2 DVD's


*7 Weight Loss and Fat Burning Exercise Programs  

*Easy, Doable , Eating plan designed specifically for the Chair-A-Cise DVDs

*Exercise calendar to show you which program to do daily.

                                    (90 Day Money Back Guarantee) 

chairacise dvd cover 4_edited.jpg


Chair-A-Cise 60 Day DVD Program & 7 Day Coaching Jumpstart Success Programs

*Get everything offered with the 60 Day Rapid Weight Loss DVD Program and your personal Chair-A-Cise Jumpstart coach.


The first 7 days of your fitness program can usually determines if you will remain motivated and continue so you have your own personal coach to ensure you get results early and stay motivated.

                                     7 Day Coaching Package includes:

1. Initial Consultation = 20 minute On-line/email/phone consult to answer questions, prevent obstacles and provide suggestions.

2.Daily Eating and Exercise form = short 1 minute form emailed to your coach daily for review, feedback and comments.

3.Mid-Week Check In = 10 minute On-line/Phone Call/Email to review beginning of week and ensure finishing the week strong.

4. Daily emails/text to motivate, encourage, inspire

5. End of week review = On-line/email/phone call discussing weeks successes, challenges and preparation for long-term success.

6. 2 DVD's


7. Seven Weight Loss and Fat Burning Exercise Programs  

8. Easy, Doable , Eating plan designed specifically for the Chair-A-Cise DVDs

9.Exercise calendar to show you which program to do daily.

           Only $159.99 (Coaching must be used within 60 days of purchase)       



Chair-A-Cise On-Line Coaching

What is Chair-A-Cise on-line Coaching ? This allows you to see and hear me and me to see and hear you from your computer, laptop, tablet, t.v. or smart phone for live Chair-A-Cise personal training.

You will have the same interaction with me as if I were there personally. I will demonstrate the exercises and focus 100% of my attention on you as you exercise assuring proper form and technique. I will create you a personalized Chair-A-Cise program and give you the push to encourage and motivate you.



Step- by -Step On-Line Coaching Process

After you order your on-line package you will recieve an email listing the days and times for a free coaching/counseling session.  You will respond with the best days and times for your schedule. You will receive a confirmed appointment and detailed instructions. It’s that simple. The session will consist of about 20 minutes to answer any questions and to discuss your workout program.  

Individual  Session   $55  (45 Minutes)






8 Sessions (45 Minutes)  $45 per Session   = $400










12 Sessions (45 Minutes)  $45 per Sessions = $540

Rent ($2.99) or Purchase ($19.99) this 30 minute Chair-A-Cise  Weight Loss, Strength Training, Cardio  and Abs video medium intensity low impact video.  Lose weight and tone while Chair-A-Cise circuit training. Modified version of many of the exercises included. Men only need 5 pound weights  and women 3 pounds