Are you tired of belly fat and want a program which hits all angles of the abs and oblique's? Do you want to really reduce your waist line? Do you want to change  your appearance in just 30 days?  Well, with our 30 Day  Chair-A-Cise program you can.  Includes simple, doable eating plan and daily exercise calendar (ebook)  and Chair-A-Cise Cardio Abs Video (DVD comes in clam-shell casing).        


Starting weight loss can be overwhelming and frustrating if you don't have a plan or no direction. You have a lot to consider if you want to be successful. How many days  or for how long should I exercise? How little or much should I eat?  How do I choose a safe program?

These are just a few things to consider.  Many people I talk with are doing all the wrong things and ultimately wasting time and money. However, with direction, organization and preparation weight loss can be much easier than you think and in this section you will find many of the solutions you are seeking.


Weight Loss Tools

Rapid Weight Loss

Chair-A-Cise 90 Day Rapid Weight Loss Total Body Transformation

Do you want a simple, doable, proven low cost system for losing massive weight in just 90 days. If so I'd like to introduce the Chair-A-Cise 90 Day Rapid Weight Loss System  that's helped thousands of people just like you have amazing results.

Best of all you get the a easy eating plan which will keep you fueled up and not hungry, a daily exercise calendar so you know which workout to do each day, the 3 Day Express and 6 Day Turbo programs and all 10 Chair-A-Cise exercise programs for only $79.99

The 10 exercise programs on 3 DVDs are designed to take you from beginner to elite health and fitness with quick, safe, weight loss. They programs are Chair-A-Cise, Chair-A-Cise 2, Turbo, Abs, Strength Training, Cardio Conditioning, Circuit Training,  Abs Blaster, Power, and ABC Abs.  (over 300 minutes of video)