What is Chair-A-Cise? Chair-A-Cise is breakthrough 90 Day Chair Exercise Quick Weight Loss, Toning, Fat Burning  DVD program where you can lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days or up to 40 pounds in 90 days with less stress on your joints than standing exercise programs. 

Why would I sit down and workout when I can get more benefits standing up? False, the way I developed Chair-A-Cise using my 15 years as a personal trainer experience you can get the same/better results as any of the leading standing exercise programs however in a much safer manner.

How do I know Chair-A-Cise works? Don't take my word for it please read these testimonials from the official Chair-A-Cise website of people who have lost up to 100 pounds? Check out this testimonial from Chad a former 500 pounder:

Is Chair-A-Cise for seniors? Chair-A-Cise was specifically designed for rapid weight loss for those who are overweight, obese, need something different or just want/need to lose weight fast.

Who can benefit from Chair-A-Cise? It's designed specifically for people who want to lose weight quickly. However, from the many real testimonials from the official Chair-A-Cise website people with bad knees, feet, ankle issue, have had great success. This is not a claim Chair-A-Cise makes but from real testimonials. So as with any exercise program we strongly suggest  you check with your doctor to be sure its suitable for you.

How do I know if Chair-A-Cise will work for me? Order it and let the results speak for themselves. We are so confident it will work for you if you follow as described we are providing you 90 days from your ordering date to make a decision and receive a full refund (minus shipping and handling) with no questions asked. Read the below testimonial from Dennis who lost 100 pounds and view his before and after pictures. He didn't know what results he would have before he tried Chair-A-Cise but was very happy he decided to give it a try.

Why did you create Chair-A-Cise? I wanted to create a realistic, simple program for everyday people regardless of their fitness level so they could transform  their bodies through weight loss safely and rapidly in 90 days.

What's included in the 90 Day Transformation program?

***10 exercise programs on 3 DVDs (programs include Chair-A-Cise, Chair-A-Cise 2, Chair-A-Cise Turbo, Chair-A-Cise Abs, Cardio Conditioning, Strength Training, Circuit Training, Chair-A-Cise Extreme, Chair-A-Cise Power, Chair-A-Cise Abs Blaster and Chair-A-Cise ABC Abs as a bonus)

*** Chair-A-Cise Calendar which shows you which workout to do daily.  This is a proven, structured blueprint for success.

*** Eating plan designed to keep you fueled up, not hungry and has a large variety of foods to choose.

What equipment do I need for Chair-A-Cise? A sturdy chair preferably without sidearms which allow you to place your feet (heels and toes) flat on the floor. Some optional light dumbbells (3-5 pounds for women and 5-8 pounds for men).

Is Chair-A-Cise for kids? While we consider Chair-A-Cise challenging for middle aged/younger adults, and fun for kids it was not designed specifically for or has been tested for  kids, however we have many testimonials of parents  using  Chair-A-Cise  with their kids. As with  any  exercise program your family should  consult with a doctor before beginning.

For more information regarding Chair-A-Cise such as ordering information, video clips, additional testimonials, etc. visit the official Chair-A-Cise website or call 404-272-3996

"I've lost over 100 lbs....Chair-A-Cise works, but you have to turn on the DVD, get in a chair and do the work. It's geared for people who are overweight, not Olympic Champions. You can do it. I guarantee it's not beyond you. Just get the DVDs and start working out"--Dennis

   (Click here for entire amazing testimonial)

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Are you overweight and can't find a quick weight loss program with simple doable exercises. Lose up to 10 pounds in three days with Chair-A-Cise, a chair exercise weight loss DVD program which transforms your body in just 90 days. Get the same fast results as the leading standing exercise programs without jumping up and down, from side to side and getting on the floor.